Vol.16 No.1 2013 Jul
Obligation and Collaboration of Authors, Reviewers and Editors in a Review Process for Development of Community Health Nursing Science
Kiyomi Asahara 3
Original Articles
Relationship between the Residential Environment and Domestic Falls by Elderly Women
Yuuko Doi, Masae Ueno, Kyoko Izumi 4
Preliminary Reports
State of Measures against Natural Disasters at Community Comprehensive Support Centers in Shin’etsu Area
Taichi Narita, Yuko Uda, Keiko Kobayashi 12
Culturally Sensitive Health Counseling to Prevent Lifestyle-related Diseases Used by Public Health Nurses in Suburban Settings of Japan
Miki Marutani, Yuko Amamiya, Shoko Tsuruoka, Misako Miyazaki 20
The Effects on Workers’ Lifestyles of Using Web-based Health Guidance Intervention
Itsuko Ozaki, Michiko Konishi, Emi Matsuura 29
Home Care Nurse Collaborative Practice with Care Managers / Home Health Aides for Elderly in Terminal Stage
Junko Fujita, Minako Watanabe, Sakiko Fukui 40
Factors Related to Workers’ Depression in Small and Medium-sized Workplaces
Yasumasa Adachi, Masae Ueno, Kyoko Izumi 48
Community Health Nursing Reports
Evaluation of the Home-visiting Nurse’s Home-care Consultation Program at the Hospital
Yukiko Kanaya, Ayumi Kono, Chieko Tsumura 56
Bereavement Reactions and Coping of Bereaved Family Caregivers for End-of-life Cancer Patients at Home
Fumiko Okamoto, Yumiko Nakamura 63