Annual Meeting

Theme:“Advanced and Creative Community Health Nursing within a Comprehensive Community Health Care Framework ”
Date:August 5-6, 2017 ( Saturday - Sunday )
Venue:Beppu International Convention Center B-CON Plaza
Chair:Sachiyo Murashima( Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences )
Program: ◆Chairperson’ s speech: Sachiyo Murashima
Construction of Discipline of Community Health Nursing to Support the Future of the Community.
◆The 20th Anniversary of JACHN Special lecture: Kathy Magilvy (University of Colorado)
“Ideas for a new Community Health Nursing based on community-based aging care and research in the US”
◆The 20th Anniversary of JACHN Special symposium - Board of Directors planning seminar-
“Community Health Nursing and Social Implementation: Is research in community health nursing being put to use in practical reform?”
◆Symposium ◆Educational lecture ◆Open lecture ◆The appointed workshop ◆Poster presentations◆Workshops ◆Free assemblies ◆Reception



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