Vol.17 No.1 2014 Jul.
Introduction of the 6th International Conference on Community Health Nursing Research
Emiko Saito 3
Original Articles
Characteristics of Home Nursing Agencies for Nurses Which Recognize That They Provide Quality Terminal Care
Yasufumi Osono, Sakiko Fukui 4
Coordination by Occupational Health Nurses to Support Workers with Cancer
Jun Okahisa, Noriko Nishikido 13
Research Reports
Functions and Issues of Community-based Services for Aging-in-Place under a Community Comprehensive Care System
Chizuru Nagata, Ikuko Kitamura 23
Factors Associated with Visiting Nurses’ Intent to Continue Working
Midori Mimaya 32
Factors Influencing Accidents of Infants Which Occur within the Third Months of Life
Kazue Yoshihara, Naoka Kamio, Akiko Akiyama 40
Committee Report
Medium-and-long Term Health Influence of the Radiation Hazard from the Nuclear Plant Accident and Public Health Nursing Activities
JACHN Project for Improvement of Disaster Relief 44