Vol.18 No.1 2015 Aug.
Advantage and Direction toward a Future of Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing
Misako Miyazaki 3
Original Articles
The Influence of Low Skeletal-muscle Mass and a High Percentage of Body Fat on Gait Speed in Community-dwelling People Aged 65-74 Years
Tomoko Fujita 4
Development and Evaluation of the Community Volunteer’s Neighborhood Watch Program to Support the Elderly
Yukiko Kanaya, Ayumi Kono 12
Research Reports
Support Skill of Public Health Nurses for Decision-making on Personalized Lifestyle Behavioral Goals for Prevention of Lifestyle Related Diseases
Sayuri Heshiki, Yuki Imamatsu, Etsuko Tadaka, Rie Hakamada-Taguchi, Yuka Dai, Azusa Arimoto 20
Benefits for Families of People with Mental Disorders Who Continuously Implement a Family Peer-education Program
Masako Kageyama, Keiko Yokoyama, Yukako Nakamura 28
Factors Associated with Interdisciplinary Team Approach of Home Care for the Elderly by Home Visiting Nurse’s Evaluation
Maiko Ikeda, Etsuko Tadaka, Yuki Imamatsu, Azusa Arimoto, Ayako Okochi, Kae Shiratani, Yuka Dai 38
Kinds of Peer Support Given and Received, in Support Groups for People Who Have Family Members with Mental Disabilities
Tomoko Tsubokawa, Keiko Kobayashi, Tomoko Saito 47
Experience and Support of Family Caregivers of Terminal Cancer Patients in Approaching Death at Home from the View Point of Home Visiting Nurses
Chihiro Saiki, Eriko Itoh, Etsuko Tadaka, Azusa Arimoto, Ayako Okochi, Kae Shiratani, Yuka Dai 56
Factors Related to the Intake of Store-bought Foods among Upper-Grade Primary School Children in Vanuatu 
Emi Nakaseko, Nobuko Matsuda, Sayaka Kotera 65
Community Health Nursing Report
Issues in Supporting Transfer to Home Care of Geriatric Cancer Patients
Kiyomi Higashi, Mizue Hiura 75
Realities of Social Capital among Residents of a Fishing Village on a Solitary Island and the Benefit of Effective Health Promotion
Taichi Narita, Keiko Kobayashi, Tomoko Saito 82
Residents’ Awareness of Suicide, and Its Effect on the Local Characteristics of and Problems Experienced by Public Health Nurses and Psychiatric Social Workers Responsible for Local Municipality Suicide Prevention Countermeasures
Kiyoe Matsuura, Akiko Kadoma 93
A Literature Review about the Psychosocial Influence of the Widowers after the Bereavement in Japan
Ayumi Shirakawa 102
A Study on Lack of Ability for Work Contents of Public Health Nurses in Charge of Mental Health Cate, Prefectural Health Centers.
Yumiko Ikegami, Yoko Gokan, Takako Ishihara 110
Index for Utilization in Community Health Nursing
Intergenerational Relationships
Tomoko Kamei 118
Rie Hakamada-Taguchi 122