Vol.18 No.2,3 2015 Dec.
Where Are We Going to ?
Yuko Bessho 3
Original Article
The Structure of Job Retention Model in Administrators of Visiting Nursing Stations
Junko Sasaki, Mineko Nanba, Kazue Ninomiya 4
Research Reports
Cultural Characteristics of Japanese Women Regarding How They Cope With Stress
Hiroyo Hatashita, Hitomi Suzuki, Denise Saint Arnault, Yae Kawai, Kiyoko Jikumaru,Shiho Kawata, Kazumasa Igura 13
People’s Belief in the Possibility of Remaining at Home at the End of Life in Semi-urban and Rural Residents and the Related Factors
Hiroki Yanase, Takashi Naruse, Atsuko Taguchi, Satoko Nagata 23
The Coordination of Related Organizations by Public Health Nurses for Patients with Neurological Diseases Convalescing at Home
Akiko Narahashi, Yukiko Ogata, Kiyoka Yamashita, Junko Ono 33
An Evaluation of Positive Parenting Program Administered by Public Health Nurses to Parents of Children with Developmental Disorders
Mariko Nishijima, Hitomi Matsuura, Yukari Hoshita 41
Thought Processes Used in Support for Setting Client’s Lifestyle Improvement Goals in Specific Health Guidance
Ikue Kiryu, Yumi Sato 51
Factors Related to Difficulty with Information-sharing during Discharge Planning
Masami Abe 61
A Review of the Literature (from 2011-2014) on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Associated Evacuation
Kyoko Yoshioka-Maeda, Mariko Kuroda 69
Index for Utilization in Community Health Nursing
Postnatal Depression
Satoko Okawa 79
Parenting Anxiety and Parenting Stress
Chikage Tsuzuki 83
Takashi Naruse 87
Community Consciousness of Local Residents
Hiroshi Murayama 91
The 18th Annual Conference of JACHN : Presidential Address
Grand Challenge of Community Health Nursing for Healthy-longevity Society
Etsuko Tadaka 95
Committee Report
The Role of Community-based Nursing Activities and of JACHN for the Disaster Prevention
JACHN Project for Improvement of Disaster Relief 103