Vol.20 No.3 2017 Dec.
An Encouragement of Nursing Practice Research
Mitsuko Kitayama 5
Research Reports
Actual Sleeping Habits and Related Factors Observed in Workers in the Electrical Machinery Manufacturing Sector
Michiko Watanabe, Noriko Hirasawa, Yoshie Iiyoshi  6
Review and Study of Literature Regarding Health Issues of Fukushima Prefecture Residents Resulting from the Widespread Complex Disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Tsugi Kusano, Kyoko Fujita  16
Relationships of Spouse Caregivers of Individuals with Early-onset Dementia Who Participate in Self-help Groups
Mina Sawaya, Kazuko Saeki, Michiyo Hirano  26
Analysis of the Concept of Recovery in Community Living Schizophrenia Patients
Taichi Narita, Keiko Kobayashi 35
Influence of the Sense of Expectation among Mothers of Very Low Birth Weight Children That They Will Gain Support from Their Surroundings
Midori Fujita, Mariko Nishijima  45
The Perspectives on “Discipline” and “Abuse” in Collaborative Dialog Approach for Mothers Raising Young Children
Akiko Kadoma, Mami Yamamoto, Rikuya Hosokawa, Miwa Tomizuka 54
Index for Utilization in Community Health Nursing
Frailty in Older Adults
Ayumi Kono  63
Fall Prevention among the Elderly
Mizue Suzuki  68
Occupation and Mental Health
Asami Tatsumi 74
Committee Report
Report of Committee on Research Promotion about 2016 Second Seminar about Methods of Interview
JACHN Committee on Research Promotion 79