Vol.21 No.3 2018 Dec.
Community-integrated Care System and Action Research
Ayumi Kono 5
Original Article
Behaviors and Recognition Related to Overweight among Filipino Women Migrants to Japan Concerning Food, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress Coping
Yuko Okamoto, Machiko Higuchi 6
Psychological Process of Starting and Continuing to Quit Smoking among Outpatients in a Stop-smoking Clinic
Akiko Yoda, Yumi Sato 15
Characteristics of Social Capital and Functional Capacities among Frail Older Persons Who Live in Japanese Remote Islands
Takahiro Inoue 24
Research Reports
The Structure of the Dilemma of Public Health Nurses Involved in Individual-support Activities for Mentally Disabled Persons in the Department of Municipal Welfare
Rie Tsuboi, Yaeko Akabori, Motoi Saito 32
The Curriculum and Evaluation of Mothering Classes for Pregnant Working Women
Eri Nishiyama, Izumi Watai 41
Changes in Recognition and Parenting Behaviors among Parents of Older Than School Age Children with Developmental Disorders through the Positive Parenting Program
Hiromi Masuda, Mariko Nishijima 49
Child Care Support Provided by the Public Health Nurse for Foreign Nationals from the Time of Pregnancy
Eiko Obi, Terumi Muramatsu 56
The Use of ICT and the Information Network Environments of Public Health Nurses
Hisae Nakatani, Akiko Kanefuji 64
Index for Utilization in Community Health Nursing
Kumi Mikuni 71
Work?life Balance
Izumi Watai 77
The 21st Annual Conference of JACHN:Presidential Address
Enrichment of Community Health Nursing Education/Reseach and Reformation of Practice
Mitsuko Kitayama 82
Committee Report
Principles and Practical Applications of Text Mining in Nursing Research JACHN
Committee on Research Promotion 90