Vol.22 No.1 2019 Apr.
Educating Community Health Nursing in the Under Graduate Curriculum
Yuko Bessho 3
Original Article
The Development of Self-assessment Scales of Partnership Activities between Public Health Nurses and Nursery Teachers in Their Support of Parents of Children of Concern
Toshiko Otsuka, Asami Tatsumi, Rika Tsubomi 4
Research Reports
Changes in Feelings before and after Use by Mothers Using Municipality’s Postpartum Care Project(Day Trip Care)
Noriko Hatakeyama, Shizuka Harada, Hisako Nakayama, Shinobu Sakurai 13
The Relationship between Community Residents’ Views of Health and Their Lifestyle
Yaeko Akabori, Rie Tsuboi, Motoi Saito 26
Aspects of Hospital-based Interprofessional Support for Cardiovascular Disease Patients Who Continued Home Care after Discharge
Asami Kemmochi, Atsushi Matsunaga, Atsuko Taguchi, Chie Myouchin, Etsuko Yamauchi, Miwa Urayama, Satoko Nagata 35
Study on How to Raise Awareness of Blood Donation among College Students
Mika Makabe, Satoko Okawa, Risa Yasumoto, Sayumi Negoro, Masae Ueno 43
Coordination Practice toward Elderly People Suspected of Dementia by Public Health Nurses in Community General Support Centers
Akemi Okano, Masae Ueno, Satoko Okawa 51
Index for Utilization in Community Health Nursing
Geriatric Well-Being
Yoshiko Kudo 59
Overview of Evaluation Indicators That Can Be Used in Research Aimed at Improving the Quality of Care for People with Dementia
Yumiko Momose 65
The Indexes for Early Detection of the Decline of Eating, Swallowing and Oral Function for the Elderly
Fumiko Kajii 73
Committee Report
Public Health Nurses Activities to Regenerate Local Communities for the Reconstruction from the Nuclear Power Disaster
JACHN Committee for Improvement of Disaster Relief 79