Vol.22 No.2 2019 Aug.
Social Determinants of Health: SDH and Community Health Nursing Practice
Masae Ueno 5
Original Article
Significance of Community Involvement Experiences of Elderly Men Living Alone in Mountainous Rural Areas in Japan
Chiho Hosoki, Kae Shiratani, Etsuko Tadaka, Eriko Ito, Azusa Arimoto 6
The Process by Which Alcoholics Maintain both Employment and Abstinence
Yukiko Sano, Asami Tatsumi 15
Review Article
Effective Education Program for Public Health Nursing Managers
Chie Kawasaki, Hiroko Okuda, Satoko Horii 25
Research Reports
Support of Home-visit Nurses to Coordinate the Appropriate Social Resources for Middle-aged Terminal Cancer Patients at Home
Sakiko Kojima, Azusa Arimoto, Eriko Ito, Kae Shiratani, Etsuko Tadaka 39
Relationship between Normal Weight Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Risk in Community-dwelling People aged 65?74 years
Tomoko Fujita, Ayumi Kono 50
Actual Conditions of Injuries in One and a Half Year-old Children, the Injury Prevention Measures Taken by Mothers at Home and Related Factors
Mika Makabe, Masae Ueno, Satoko Okawa 59
“Community Development” in Community Health Activities
Mayumi Yamaya 69
A Comprehensive Review of Related Literature Focusing on Elderly Persons with Difficulty of Support in the Community General Support Center (since 2005-2017)
Kyoko Yoshioka-Maeda 79
Barriers to the Practical Use of Information and Communication Technology in Lifestyle Intervention for Workers, and Skills for Its Effective Use
Itsuko Ozaki, Izumi Watai, Sayuri Miyagawa 89
Committee Report
How to Conduct Interdisciplinary Research and International Joint Research JACHN
Committee on Research Promotion 97