Vol.23 No.1 2020 Apr.
An Idea about Social Responsibility in JACHN
Mitsuko Kitayama 3
Original Articles
Development of a Coordination Scale Focused on Life Support of Elderly People with Dementia for Public Health Nurses in Community General Support Centers
Akemi Okano, Masae Ueno, Satoko Okawa 4
Factors Associated with Work?family Conflicts in Female Nurses Who Work While Taking Care of a Parent
Chikako Takabayashi, Shigemi Tsubokura 13
Research Reports
Aspects of Health Literacy Among Middle-aged Male Office Workers Who do not Qualify for Specific Health Guidance
Ayuka Yokoyama, Etsuko Tadaka, Kae Shiratani, Eriko Ito, Azusa Arimoto 23
Issues in Nursing Interventions for Needy Households with Infants and Nursing Activities by Municipal Public Health Nurses
Chiharu Yamagata, Sanae Haruyama 32
Factors for Emergency Care of New Home-visit Services Users in the Initial Period of Home-visit Nursing
Yukiko Fukuta, Setsu Shimanouchi, Nakako Fujiwara 42
The Present Conditions and Problems in Collaboration between Clinical Instructors and Teachers in the Visiting Nursing Station Practice
Shigeko Shibata, Miwa Suzuki, Takae Machida 52
A Comprehensive Review of Related Literature Focusing on the Strategies of Health, Medical Care and Welfare Planning Utilized by Japanese Public Health Nurses (since 2013-2018)
Kyoko Yoshioka-Maeda 59
Index for Utilization in Community Health Nursing
Scales for Assessing Interprofessional Work in Home Care
Narumi Ide 66
Introduction of Scales to Evaluate Nurses’ Practical Expertise Needed in Discharge Planning
Hikari Tomura 70
Committee Report
Renewal of Definition of Community Health Nursing
Community Health Nursing Sciences Study Working Group 76
Editor’s Note
Satoko Nagata 88