Vol.9 No.2 2007 Mar
Michiko Konishi  5
Original Articles
Development oSelf-efficacy Scale for Prevention of Hyperlipidemia in Adults in Their 30s and 40s
Hisako Izumi, Kazuko Saeki, Hiromi Imuta and Mitsuru Mori 7
Public Health Nurses’ Intention to Support Care Managers Experiencing Difficulties
Tomoko Saito and Yumi Sato  15
Related Factors to the Attitude toward Community of Health Promotion Volunteers by Years of Experience
Hiroshi Murayama, Atsuko Taguchi and Sachiyo Murashima 24
Prevalence of Depression and Its Related Factors in the Elderly Living Alone in Urban Area
Kimie Wakui, Etsuko Tadaka, Hiromi Sanada and Katsuko Kanagawa 32
Review Article
Public Health Nursing against Child Abuse and NeglecReviews of Japanese and English Research Papers Published between 1996 and 2006
Azusa Arimoto 37
Preliminary Report
Re-establishment Motivation in Patients with Long-term Diseases Living at Home, Focusing on Parkinson’s Disease and Spinocerebellar Degeneration in Early-stage
Sayaka Kotera and Reiko Okamoto 46
The Process of Driving Cessation of Clients with Early Dementia and the Related Factors
Michie Nomura, Yukari Toyota, Yoko Nakahira, Tamami Shiba and Kiyoko Miyauchi 53
Specific PHN’s Competencies Which Are Acquired to Strengthen Recently Reiko Okamoto, Misa Shiomi, Yoko Hatono, Saori Iwamoto, Kimiko Nakayama, Toshiyuki Ojima, Yuko Bessho,
Yumi Chiba and Kiyomi Inoue 60
Low Back Pain Prevention and Problem Cognition in Special Nursing Home ─Through Interviews with Management ─
Rie Nishimori, Mikako Arakida and Fumie Shirai 68
Connection between Husbands’ Support Provided to Their Wives during Childrearing Periods and Marital Relationships
Maki Kasai and Kayoko Kawahara 75
Qualitative Analysis of the Conflicts with Administrators Experienced by Public Health Nurses in Planning and Implementing Public Health Programs
Junko Omori, Toshie Miyazaki, Kiyomi Asahara, Yumiko Momose, Hiroko Nagae, Noriko Kato, Maki Umeda and Maasa Kobayashi 81
Community Health Nursing Report
Evaluation of Preventive Care Program for Cognitive Function Decline among Community-dwelling Frail Elderly People ─A Pilot Study ─
Aya Bando, Ayumi Kono, Yumiko Nakamura, Yuko Ueda and Takako Otaki  87
Impact of the Introduction of the Long-term Care Insurance System in Japan on Participant of Functional Training Project
Yasuko Asou 93
An Analysis of the Learning Process of Community-Health Nursing Diagnosis during the Community-Health Nursing Training
Mariko Nishijima 98