President's Message

Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing (JACHN) was founded in October, 1997 as an academic society in association with the academic development, education, and dissemination of community health nursing, and was shifted from a voluntary organization to a general incorporated association in November, 2015. As of July, 2015, our society has grown into an academic organization having more than 1,400 members.
I will act as President of JACHN for two years from 2015-2016 fiscal years. Our society’s activities started with the new board members after the ordinary plenary session of members was held on June 20, 2015.
Various social problems including low birthrate and rapid aging of the population, health inequalities, globalization, health crises such as disasters and emerging infectious diseases, surge into Japan. In such a situation, the function and role of community health nursing increases its importance more and more, in collaboration with various people in multiple phase working with individuals, families, their organizations, and the whole community.

In this academic society, the scholarship of community health nursing consists of four areas of public health nursing, occupational health nursing, school health nursing, and home care nursing. It also has the feature and strength of the pursuit of researches, practices, and education from the viewpoint of the four areas, which contribute to community health nursing. The mission and role of JACHN lies in finding a universal intelligence of community health nursing, organizing it, and pursuing it. Such a universal intelligence exists around an associated issue or a common issue which is the focus of discussion from each of the viewpoints of the four areas.
The issue of the Journal of JACHN (3 times a year), the holding of research conference (once a year), and the implementation of research seminars (twice a year) are the academic core activities of our society. We wrestle with these activities in evolving contents and system on the basis of the needs of members. In addition, for the way of education and personnel training with respect to community health nursing and the social needs for disaster relief, our committee gathers information and examines it sustainably. In fiscal year 2015, the sixth International Conference on Community Health Nursing (ICCHNR) was held in Seoul, Korea, and many members of JACHN participated in the society to present their studies and discussions. In fiscal year 2016, the 3rd Korea-Japan Joint Conference on Community Health Nursing is determined to be held, for which planning and implementation will be carried out in collaboration with the Korean Academy of Community Health Nursing (KACHN) and JACHN: preparation is in progress now. In this way, JACHN is committed to actively contributing to the development of scholarship in cooperation with related academic societies overseas from a global perspective.
In the forthcoming 2017 fiscal year, JACHN will celebrate its 20th anniversary of foundation. We are planning to hold a commemorative event looking toward the future at the convention in fiscal year 2017.
With all these activities, we will be more aware of the social mission and role of JACHN as an academic society in the future. We wish your more support for, cooperation with, and participation in this society’s activities. Thank you all!