About the Academy

Our Mission
Objectives:The academy aims to promote the academic development, education, and dissemination of community health nursing information, as well as to contribute to the health and welfare of the general public.
Date of establishment:
October 15, 1997.
Number of members as of Mat 2016:
Approximately 1,440
Organizations include education and research institutions, administrative agencies, medical institutions, and companies.
Areas of activity include administrative nursing, occupational health nursing, nursing in schools, and visiting nurses.
Occupational categories include teachers, public health and other nurses, midwives, and nursing teachers.
The board is made up of twelve directors, two auditors, thirty-nine councilors, five honorary members and a chairperson.
1. Organizing academic conferences
2. Publishing journals
3. Promoting research activities
4. Commendation of research papers
5. Other activities necessary for achieving the objectives of the Academy.
The Japan Academy Journal of Community Health Nursing (published three times a year)