Vol.12 No.2 2010 Mar
Sachiyo Murashima 5
Original Articles
Association of Visceral Fat Accumulation with Lifestyle Factors
Takako Ishihara 7
Study of Attitude on Infection Control of the Workers in the Facilities for the Elderly
Ikuko Takahashi and Yukiko Haraguchi 15
Preliminary Reports
Goals and Skills of Public Health Nurses Working in Rural Districts in Post-War Japan before Its Rapid Economic Growth (circa 1945-1970): Working to Change Traditional Practices in Order to Save Lives
Taeko Shimazu, Masako Kageyama, Yukari Hoshita, Atsuko Taguchi and Kiyomi Asahara 22
Coping with Uncertainty in the Persons with Borderline Risk Factors Related to Diabetes Mellitus
Miki Saito and Miki Tokinaga 29
Community Health Nursing Reports
Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management Program for Civil Servants in Japan : A Non-randomized Controlled Trial
Mariko Kawaharada 37
Group-work Program Process for Development of Neighborhood-level Contact on Elderly Men Living Alone
Ayumi Kono, Satomi Maruo, Tomoko Fujita, Etsuko Tadaka and Yuko Kunii 45
Method for Improving Community Residents Support to Elderly Who Live in Under-populated Areas While Receiving Care from Their Children Who Live Separately
Mitsuko Matsushita and Naomi Yonemasu 51
On the Feelings of Mothers When Accompanying Their Child with Mild Developmental Disorder to Receive Examinations at a Medical Institute
Masako Morito and Keiko Matsumoto 57
Evaluation in an Introduction to Home Health Care Nursing of Foundation Education from the Questionnaire Survey to Nursing Students
Keiko Ono, Naoko Katakura and Setsu Shimanouchi 64
Special Article
On My Experience of Making a Presentation and Recieving the Lisbesh Hocky Prize for Best Oral Presentation at the 4th International Conference on Community Health Nursing Reserch
Mariko Kawaharada 70
Committee Report
A Clinical Training Program for Novice Public Health Nurses Proposed by Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing
Kayoko Hirano, Kazuko Saeki, Mikako Arakida, Mizuho Kawamura,Taeko Shimazu and Yoshiko Yamaguchi 72