Committees : The Committee on Research Promotion

1) Purpose
Promote the research activities of the Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing (JACHN) members by improving knowledge about research methodologies, and encouraging research exchange among members, thereby contributing to the development of community health nursing as an academic discipline.
2) Activity Plans
(1) Organize seminars on research activities (at least once a year)
a. Time: This seminar is held in parallel with the Academic Conference or other appropriate schedule.
b. Topics: Methods of Literature review, Development of Scales, EBN/EBHP: methods of analysis, guidance, etc., Research on Social Epidemiology, Research Ethics, et al.
* For more information on planning fiscal 2015, please check the accompanying flier.
In fiscal 2016, we are planning a seminar; the draft title is “Development of Scales”.
(2) Promotion of research exchange among members
(3) Other
* We welcome your comments and suggestions about the activity plans.
The Committee members and affiliations:
List of Committee Members(Red:Chair, Blue:Co-chair
Junko OmoriTohoku University
Kyoko IzumiMukogawa Women's University
Hideko Kitaoka Kanagawa University of Human Services
Michiyo HiranoHokkaido University
Atsushi MatsunagaTohoku University
Eri MochidaOizumi Town Hall
Ruriko YamashitaInternational University of Health and Welfare