Committees : The Public Relations Committee

1) Purpose
(1) Promote and enhance public information activities (public relations, communication of activities, and expansion of membership).
(2) Support the activities of the Board of Directors, Committees and Academic Conference.
2) Plans
(1) Upgrade the website to promote its use with increased visibility and accessibility, by enhancing its contents to include appropriate links and reports of Committee activities.
(2) Promote and enhance member services and membership application through public relations.
Because the Publicity Committee always wants to receive information/opinions from members, please contact us whenever you have them. We hope to increase members of academic meeting.
(Chaired by Prof Chieko Ide, Oita University)
List of Committee Members(Red:Chair, Blue:Co-chair
Chieko IdeOita University
Sugako TamuraUniversity of Toyama
Kieko YasudaNagano College of Nursing
Mika HasegawaUniversity of Fukui
Tazuyo ShigaOita University