Committees : The Education Committee

The purpose of the Education Committee of JACHN is to examine the way of community health nursing education in the nursing basic education course.
In particular, we collect information from nurses who play active roles in various places in community care, and find 1) what kind of competency is demanded; 2) what should be added to the current nursing education; and then, we put forward 3) how the education of community health nursing should be.
We are looking forward to receiving various opinions on community health nursing, and its education system to the Education Committee.
(Chaired by Prof Sachiyo Murashima, Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences)
List of Committee Members(Red:Chair, Blue:Co-chair
Sachiyo MurashimaOita University of Nursing and Health Sciences
Miyuki IshibashiChiba University
Tomoko AndoChiba Institute of Science
Noriko SatoChiba Prefectural University of Health Sciences
Akiko OzakiTohoku University
Emiko KishiToho University
Yoko YamazakiUniversity of Yamanashi
Takae SuwabeAsakusa Medical Association Home-visit Nursing Care Station
Kotomi AkahoshiOita University of Nursing and Health Sciences